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One of my favorite things to do in this world is to share what I’ve learned on my journey to financial freedom. Here are 8 ways you can tap into my knowledge and experience if you have an interest. 

1. Binge on the blog, Youtube channel, or podcast. I’ve got you covered no matter how you like to consume content! Explore the blog, check out one of over 350 videos on the Youtube channel, or listen to The Frugal Chic Life Podcast during your commute to work.

2. Join the Money Conversation, my weekly email newsletter, and receive updates, news, and money tips directly in your inbox.

3. Snag a budget planner. The Beyond the Budget Money Planner is a 12-Month Undated Budget Planner/Money Journal that will keep you on top of your finances.

4. Devour one of my money courses. My signature money course is the 21-Day Money Challenge. Check out the entire course suite here.

5. Join the Beyond the Budget Club. The Beyond the Budget Club is my monthly group coaching program for serious wealth builders. Join to get the accountability and support you need while pursuing financial freedom.

6. Book me as a conference or keynote speaker. Send an email to with the details of your event or conference for more information and availability.

7. Hire me as a personal money coach. Let’s hop on the phone or Skype and talk through the specific areas in which help is needed. Start with the 30-minute clarity consultation.

8. Collab or partner with me on a project. Send an email to and let’s chat!

Until Next Time…Live Well and Be Blessed

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