My ‘Word’ for 2019

I’ve heard of people ‘adopting a word’ for the new year but I never gave it much thought.

Actually, that’s not true…

If I’m really being honest, I thought adopting a word was just some woo-woo stuff that people do without any real meaning behind it.

But recently I’ve changed my thinking on the topic.


Because words have power.

So, for the first time, I’ve decided to choose a word for the year so that 2019 can have a sense of intentionality.

My word for 2019 is….Enough.

Let me explain.

I’m a chronic box-checker.✅

The kind of person that has always had a 5 year plan, a 10 year plan, and a new goal to conquer.

Don’t get me wrong…There’s nothing wrong with being goal-oriented, but I have a tendency to take it too far.

Basically I get tunnel vision in the pursuit of my goals.

I’ve done this cyclically with educational goals, financial goals, career goals, business goals…

And I sometimes neglect other things (or people) in my life that need my time and attention.

I’ve also neglected self-care, leading to burnout, anxiety, overwhelm, and feelings of depression.

All in the name of ‘goals’.

Being a box-checker gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Conquering a goal and crossing it off the list gives me an automatic boost in self-esteem.

But it’s only temporary.

The moment that things get quiet and I’m not checking boxes, I feel unfulfilled and discontent.

Subconsciously I’m saying to myself: Do more, save more, earn more, accomplish MORE.

So in 2019 I’m choosing to say- Enough is Enough.

Enough of putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself to accomplish life, career, and business goals.

Enough hustling and grinding to earn more money.

Enough pushing myself to stick with a super rigid content calendar in order to keep up with other Youtube channels.

Enough of being hyper-critical of myself.

For me 2019 is about being content with what I have and with who I am.

It’s about enjoying my home without feeling the urge to redecorate it to match what’s on HGTV, or work like a mad woman to pay off my home 10 years early. (Wouldn’t 2 years early still be great?)

It’s about traveling without penny-pinching and watching the budget like a hawk. (I’ve laid a great foundation so I can ease up a bit!)

It’s about nurturing my existing audience (that means you!) and not forcing myself to be everywhere online (I really dislike social media🙄) in order to get new eyes on my videos and blog posts.

There is a time to hustle and grind, and there is a time to enjoy the journey without being hyper-focused on the destination.

2019 will be ‘The Year of Enough’.

Yes, I still have goals.

I’m still growing my business, I’m still saving, I’m still producing great content online.

I’m still pursuing financial independence.

But I’m learning to take it all in stride.

I’m learning that it’s OK to have modest goals and not do everything at once.

Who knows…2020 might be the year to hustle again, but for now I’ll be enjoying the moment.

Do you have a word for 2019?

Think about adopting one and setting your intention for the new year.

Until next time…Live well and be blessed.


Share your ‘word’ for the upcoming year!



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