I have a confession to make.

I was a bit lost after getting out of debt.

For me, the journey to financial freedom started off with me paying back nearly $100K in student loan debt.

I side hustled to earn more, I budgeted, and dabbled in couponing to free up more money to devote to debt.

For so many years my finances (and my life) were defined by the debt that I carried.

After making the final payment in August of 2015 I wondered what was next…

The actual debt pay off was a bit anti-climactic because at the time my son was still in the NICU after being born at 25 weeks and 5 days, weighing 1 lb. 8.3 oz.

I was an emotional wreck at the time. So I made the last payment and kept it moving.

The next big goal was to save up a 6 month emergency fund and continue to contribute to my kid’s college fund and my retirement fund.

What I discovered during those next few months of being free from debt was that paying myself was not as exciting.

I know, it sounds crazy right?!?

There was something euphoric about seeing that debt balance get lower each and every month.

For reasons unknown at the time, I did not get that same thrill from saving my emergency fund.

I floundered for a few months and lost my zeal for journey.

But the feeling was short lived.

I quickly realized that I could live a little, or a lot.

The whole point of getting out of debt was to lessen my dependence on my paycheck and have actual say-so over how I spend my time and my money.

I had to figure out what life after debt looks like for me.

Here is what I came up with:

1. Travel. Even when I still had debt I enjoyed traveling.

2. Working less and live more. In October 2018 I was able to scale my work schedule back to 3 days per week.

3. Building wealth. Investing is my new favorite thing to do.

4. Retiring in 10 years of less. So this is the new BIG goal that I am working towards- achieving Financial Independence so that I have even more time to really live life. No more Work.Spend.Repeat cycles for me. I won’t be waiting until my ‘golden years’ to enjoy a mythical retirement. I want to enjoy life and travel while I’m young enough (and healthy enough) to enjoy it.

Update (May 2019)…My new aspiration is to semi-retire. Basically I will continue to work part-time indefinitely while still saving for traditional retirement. I’ve opted out of the aggressive path to FI (financial independence) in favor of a slower journey. Semi-retirement allows me to work less now while still enjoying travel and time with my kids while they’re young. On the aggressive path to FI I would spend the next 10 years working like crazy and missing out on invaluable time with my children.

Visiting all 50 US States

Eric and I have done quite a bit of international traveling but there is so much beauty to see right here in the US. My ultimate travel goal is to travel accross country in an RV. We still have one child in diapers so we think it best to wait until our son is more independent before we tackle a cross country RV adventure. Hopefully one day it will happen! But until then I am slowly checking off one state at a time with smaller trips that are spread out over time.

Here’s where I’ve been so far.

1. Alabama

2. Alaska

3. Arizona

4. Arkansas

5. California

6. Colorado

7. Connecticut

8. Delaware

9. Florida

10. Georgia

11. Hawaii

12. Idaho

13. Illinois

14. Indiana

15. Iowa

16. Kansas

17. Kentucky

18. Louisiana

19. Maine

20. Maryland (My home state!)

21. Massachusetts

22. Michigan

23. Minnesota

24. Mississippi

25. Missouri

26. Montana

27. Nebraska

28. Nevada

29. New Hampshire

30. New Jersey

31. New Mexico

32. New York

33. North Carolina

34. North Dakota

35. Ohio

36. Oklahoma


37. Oregon

38. Pennsylvania

39. Rhode Island

40. South Carolina

41. South Dakota

42. Tennessee

43. Texas

44. Utah

45. Vermont

46. Virginia

47. Washington

48. West Virginia

49. Wisconsin

50. Wyoming

Countries We’ve traveled to together as a couple: 

**(Hubby traveled to Europe to play soccer while in high school, but I’ve never been).

Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)

Jamaica (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios)

Mexico (Cancun- twice, Cozumel)

Bahamas (Grand Bahama)


Canada (Nova Scotia-went solo without Eric)


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