Hey there! 

Welcome to frugalchiclife.com. 
I’m Nicole, wife to Eric and mother to Erica, Sydney, and Caleb.
I’m just a regular girl trying to find my way in the big, bad world of money.
Professionally, I am a certified physician assistant, (sometimes) college professor, with a passion for money and personal finance.

A few random facts about me:

  • I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland
  • I love makeup
  • I’m a minimalist
  • I love 90s rap- Method Man and MosDef are my faves
  • I’ve been called cheap all of my life (my retort is I’m frugal, not cheap- and there is a difference)
  • One of my pet-peeves- when my children talks to me through the bathroom door…uh, hello can’t I just have a few minutes to pee in peace?
If you have been reading my blog up to this point then it might seem weird that I’m posting a ‘Welcome’  message after blogging for the past two years.

Well here’s the thing…

I’ve been struggling to find my voice and figure out exactly what I want the focus of this blog to be. 
Even as I write this my ideas are a work in progress, but at least I’m now clear on what I don’t want this blog to be. 
I don’t want to just be another generic blog, recycling the same ole’ money tips that you can find on fifty million other blogs out here in cyber space. 
So no generic ’10 Ways to Save Money on ______’ posts from me.
There are tons of those blogs out there already if that is what you are interested in.
The plan, moving forward, is to document my journey to financial independence (FI) and sharing my unique perspective on personal finance and my (ever-changing) decisions regarding how I manage my money along the way. 
Hopefully the blog will help me be more intentional with hitting my goals.  
It will be great to look back and see how far I’ve come. 
What qualifies me to contribute to this space?
Life experience, point blank, period. 
I have no formal training in money management or personal finance. 

But I have made a series money regrets including:

  • Having a $500 car payment (still kinda kicking myself for that one)
  • Taking out nearly $100,000 in student loans with no plan for how to pay it back
  • Buying an expensive house with more space than I needed (to the tune of (1,000 square feet per person x 5 people)…really Nicole…
  • Shopping to cope with feelings of inadequacy
I have since paid off the student loan debt and kicked the shopping habit. I still drive the car that formerly had the $500 car payment, though it’s long been paid off. 
And most importantly, I’ve forgiven myself (mostly) for my past money mistakes. 
Everyone makes money mistakes. 
I’m sure you have too and it’s totally ok. 
There is an important lesson in learning from those mistakes and doing better the next time. 
If you are always making forward progress then you are winning. 
So, if you are interested in hearing my two cents on various life and money topics then stick around.

What to expect from the blog:

For those that have been rocking with me up to this point (all 5 of ya’ll), thank you for sticking with me in spite of my infrequent writing and occasional disappearing act. 
You can expect more frequent (and more personal) but shorter blog posts from me.
Ain’t nobody got time to read 2,500 word essays. 
And I don’t have time to write them. 
For those that are new here, a big welcome to you!!
I would also LOVE for you to swing past my Youtube channel and subscribe. There are over 300 videos on there, many of which are very binge -worthy. 
You can sometimes find me over on IG @frugalchiclife ( I really dislike social media- does that mean I’m getting old?) and I suck at instagram but I’m working on it. 
Until next time…Live well and be blessed! 

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