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Should I Pay Off Debt Or Save?

Should I Pay Off Debt or Save

Should you pay off debt or save money? It’s a question millions of women have every day. In today’s economy with millions of people unemployed or underemployed, the question is even more prevalent. How do you achieve financial freedom for women when you have debt and no savings?  Should you prioritize one over the other […]

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CHIME App Review: Free Online Bank Account with NO fees

Chime App Review

I’m a big proponent of online banking. I’ve been using the same online banks for YEARS. But there are tons of new online accounts and apps out there and it can be hard to decide which ones to use. I was contacted by this company, Chime to review their app and online bank account. You […]

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3 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More Money

3 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More

I’m not sure if this is news to you or not. Americans, unfortunately, have a reputation for being horrible savers.  I recently read a statistic that indicated that the average American saves about 4.5% of his or her income annually. If we want to achieve financial freedom and build wealth for the future, we have […]

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Baby Step 3 Complete: Now What?

Baby Step 3 Complete, Now What

Well, it’s official! Baby Step 3 is Complete!  Done. Finito. Achieved.  And it’s an absolute relief. In August 2016 I made the last payment on nearly $100K of student loans debt! It felt great to complete Baby Step 2.  I had been working hard for 6 years to accomplish the goal. Then I moved on to […]

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