I Hoped This Day Would Never Come…

I Hoped This Day Would Never Come

Ok so the title is probably a bit dramatic. I actually knew this day would come, but I was hoping to delay it as long as possible. It’s time to replace my car. I’ve been on borrowed time for a while now. My car is 14 years old and has 250,000 miles, plus years of […]

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How to Start Investing [Frequently Asked Question]

How to Start Your Investing Journey

One of the most common questions that I get is…How do I start investing? The topic of investing can be overwhelming. Why? Because we’re afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of what we don’t know. And let’s be real…Afraid of losing money. Is there risk involved in investing? Absolutely! Will there be ups and downs […]

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3 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More Money

3 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving More

I’m not sure if this is news to you or not. Americans, unfortunately, have a reputation for being horrible savers.  I recently read a statistic that indicated that the average American saves about 4.5% of his or her income annually. If we want to achieve financial freedom and build wealth for the future, we have […]

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