Debt Freedom, Financial Freedom, FIRE…What’s the difference?

If you've been a part of the personal finance scene online you've probably heard various terms related to the topic. Debt freedom, Financial Freedom, FIRE (financial independence retire early), and the Dave Ramsey Plan (AKA The Baby Steps)...just to name a few. There...

How to Do a Financial Inventory

Welcome to the second installment in the #newyearnewmoneychallenge series.  If you missed the first post where I talked all about money mindset, you can check it out here Tax season is upon us and soon enough you'll be getting your W-2s in the mail.   ...

2018 Year-In Review + What’s Next in 2019

Happy New Year to You! 2019 is in full effect! Before I dive into what's coming next, let's take a look at how 2018 went.  What didn’t go well Job Loss: My teaching job of nearly 5 years came to an end mid-year. Thankfully I knew this was coming and had time to...

How to Master Your Money Mindset

We are headed into the New Year and I’m sure that goal setting is at the top of your mind.  Many of you are thinking about how you want lose weight, work out 5 times a week, drink more water, declutter your house from top to bottom… And probably also on that...

My ‘Word’ for 2019

My 'Word' for 2019 I’ve heard of people 'adopting a word' for the new year but I never gave it much thought. Actually, that’s not true… If I’m really being honest, I thought adopting a word was just some woo-woo stuff that people do without any real meaning behind it....

19 Money Moves to Make in 2019

There are less than 30 days to Christmas- are you done with all of your shopping? I have about two items to purchase online and I'm done. I try not to step foot in a mall or a big box store after Thanksgiving and my goal is to be completely finished well before...

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